Monday, July 16, 2007

the love poems

more from ages ago....

Good Night

The timing was off...

But the violins in our heads
dulled our senses
until everything was quietly Victorian.

You saved some time
and what was lost?

Stars were the words
you never heard, I know
though they screamed in your
ears from light years away.

Love #1

it's the purple that turned me off of passion fruit
my eyes never could get past
the sickness
the gangrene
that gnawed away at the skin.

Love #2

I stared at
the tangled mess of petals and thorns
that you mistook for something beautiful.
It wasn't much of a vision to me--
No, I guess I'm not in love after all.


For three years,
forty-six days,
and twenty-odd minutes,
I've been hanging on the edge
waiting for you to rescue me.

And you whispered in my ear,
"Hang on,
God is on your side."

So I held,
My grip tighter than death.
I peered down, then back to you,
then down again.

And as my hand began to slip
and God paid no mind,
a funny thought occurred:
I wouldn't need God
if you were on my side.

Le Charmeur de Serpents

your voice is on me
like rain when you're away
and suddenly,
we're in love again.
Je ne lis pas la langue de ton coeur.

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